Parent information

This page is to help you make a decision about your child’s school meals

Our aim…

  • To  provide well balanced and healthy school meals for your children every day
  • To cook homemade dishes, fresh each day using fresh ingredients when available
  • To produce food that contains as few additives or preservatives with the minimum amount of salt, fat and sugar.
  • To ensure that no GM (genetically modified) foods are used
  • To supply food completely free from contact with, and from containing any nuts and seeds

The chef behind Cheeky Pea…

Richard shore is a fully qualified chef who has worked in the catering industry for over 35 years, with 15 years spent in The Royal Air Force catering squadron and the rest running his own business.

 Inspired by the national change in school dinners, April 2005 saw Richard go into business within the school catering market, providing healthy school meals to children in primary education.  With a second school underway in the autumn term of 2006 Cheeky Pea was born. Richard now manages seven catering contracts in primary schools in the local area.

So where did Cheeky Pea come from…        

The Story

 The idea behind the name Cheeky Pea came from my own daughter’s interpretation of avoiding her greens!

“There once was a little girl that didn’t like her peas very much. At every opportunity she would hide them under her knife and fork, bury them under mash potato or roll them across the table. It’s not that she particularly disliked the taste of peas, their shape or colour…   She just believed that peas made you cheeky”

To order…


Order and pay by credit/debit card online for up to 3 weeks in advance. Please note that the minimum order

is £6.90.  You can still order on the normal form but I no longer accept cheques.

Please ensure that your order (online or via school) is submitted by friday lunchtime so that it can be processed

before the weekend.